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Stormclouds above me, earthquakes below Bridges burning behind me, in front lies the open road I think something's trying to tell me it's time to let it all go Maybe it's my imagination or is this town losing its appeal Maybe I've overstayed my welcome Feels like there's nothing, nothing left for me here The big city dream has been shattered Feels like I'm losing control Life in the fast lane don't matter This big city living is killing my soul Millions of people in motion So why do I feel so alone? Big city big contradictions I'm just a poor lost soul trying to find home
Three o’clock in the morning and I’m thinking of you Wondering what you are doing and with who Three o’clock in the morning going out of my mind Alone in the wee small hours that’s the worst time I just got home, it’s late, the house is so quiet I was out looking for company I didn’t find it Feeling so damned tired but I know I won’t sleep With you in my system like coffee Three after midnight time’s creeping to four I’m tired in my mind, tired to my core Tired from thinking, thinking bout you Can’t stop myself picking the scab off this wound Spinning, head still spinning, mind is spinning, world is spinning, life is Spinning, head still spinning, mind is spinning, world is spinning, You’re still spinning round...Three hours after midnight
When somebody says they love you, it makes your soul feel good Then somebody says they don't love you no more, breaks your heart in two There's nothing you can do, people are cruel Love can be so beautiful but people are cruel Tiger kills in the dead of night, shark kills in the deep Eagle brings death in flight, wolf just kills to feed Nature's way can be brutal, people are cruel the world is wild and wonderful but people are cruel People are cruel, they hurt and treat you like. fool They cheat and lie and they don't care what they do I just want a friend for life and a love that's kind and true I'm just so tired of people being cruel I watched the news today, murder blood and sorrow War and violence fear and hate I won't be watching tomorrow Speak of love and truth then we shoot I've had more than a bellyful of people being cruel
It’s Friday night it’s the weekend She calls me up to ask about my plans Says the only thing that she has in mind Is getting up close and being mine tonight CH: But I didn't pull over I didn’t pull over I couldn’t pull over I’m gone I shoulda told her I killed a dog on the highway yesterday I tried to swerve but it moved back in my way It ran straight out in front my truck In my rearview was bones and blood CH: But I didn't pull over, I didn't pull over I couldn’t pull over, four lanes no hard shoulder I want to keep it straight but there’s times I deviate and somebody gets hurt But when I try and do the right thing I just end up making it worse It’s Sunday night and the weekend’s done I don’t feel right but I did have fun Been too long since I had love in my life It all goes wrong but I do know why CH: I didn’t pull over, I didn’t pull over I couldn’t pull over, it’s too late now cos I’m getting older
I ain't gonna lie or make up excuses Cos I know full well what the truth is And sooner or later you'll find out anyway So I'm just gonna shut my mouth and pray I ain’t proud of what I did last night My low down hit a whole new height And right now all I can feel is this shame So I can’t face calling you today I know you gonna take this bad I know it's gonna make you so sad And if this was the other way round You know I'd be thinking ‘bout kicking you out So I don't see no point explaining I fucked up and that says it all And I'll try not do this again Cos the gutter gets deeper and dirtier with every fall And a shower could never wash last night away So I can't face calling you today


‘Blue Hour’ is the first of two EPs from the same recording session with MacWatt reviving his side project The Glass Mountains to distinguish his roots rock-based material from his solo acoustic celtic folk output.

The Blue Hour is the brief period just before dawn and just after the sun sets - the twilight zone. The EP is about being alone with your thoughts at the witching hour, too tired to party but too wired to sleep. With so much regret, repentance and reflection in the songs, producer Phil Dearing insisted on a darker, more gritty sound by distilling the country-soul elements of ‘Dial It Back’ and condensing them down into a more focused roots rock offering.

“As the songs came together in the studio they naturally seemed to fall into two distinct camps - half with a strong soul feel and half that were much more country,” explains MacWatt. “Initially I thought about trying to integrate them into one album by blurring the edges but it felt more honest to just let the songs take whatever direction suited them best.”

To that end ‘Blue Hour’ fuses electric piano, Hammond organ and horns with bluesy guitars and a classic rock rhythm section. MacWatt wears his 70s roots rock heart on his sleeve with influences from The Stones, Gram Parsons, Van Morrison and The Band oozing out of the arrangements.

'Twilight' - the second EP from the session, featuring London singer-songwriter Clare Portman - will be released in March 2021.


released January 25, 2021

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Phil Dearing at L Sound Studio, London.
Malcolm MacWatt: vocals, guitars
Phil Dearing: keyboards, bass, guitars and programming
Written and arranged by Malcolm MacWatt


all rights reserved



Malcolm MacWatt London, UK

“MacWatt will doubtless be considered among the best of the new breed of folksingers and songwriters, who speak of the past as a way to perhaps understand it and move forward” Stephen Rapid, Lonesome Highway

“He shines as a singer and he shines as an interpreter of the eternal folk songbook,” Tom Brosseau, The Great American Folk Show, North Dakota
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